Working, Living and Playing at Fearrington

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Thai New Year Dinner at The Granary, one of the Cooks and Books events sponsored by McIntyre’s Books.  The author of Real Thai, Nancie McDermott, spoke about her books, her life and her passion for food, as well as, her wonderful insight into Thai cooking, Thai culture and Thai people -– and even a bit of Southeast Asia’s geography and history.  Colin Bedford and his team outdid themselves with 10 different Thai dishes, from the light and fresh pink grapefruit salad with toasted coconut and fresh mint to the golden fried “son-in-law” egg, every taste was mouthwatering.  Not only was the dinner enjoyable and educational, it was also entertaining.  Nancie was an engaging host and I sat with a fun couple that I hope to hang out with again in the future.  Afterwards, I slipped off my “dress” shoes and put on my Keens for a fabulous walk home, all the while reminded of how wonderful it is to work, live and play in Fearrington Village.

– Laura, Real Estate Manager