Wine of the Week [May 6-May 12]

Greetings fellow wine enthusiasts!  Regardless of the degree to which you identify with the term, whether you like to enjoy a glass every now and then, or, like me, go see a blockbuster movie (Ironman 3) and completely miss out on critical parts of the story because you were too busy trying to decipher who the producers were for the bottles of wine in the background, we here at The Goat would like to foster your love for the drink by offering two wines per week that we will showcase here in the blog, and have available for tasting on Fridays from 6~7 p.m.

From the wine producing region of the Languedoc-Roussillon in France, more specifically the largest (by volume of wine produced) AOC, Corbières, and even more specifically within the Arrondissement of Carcassonne, containing the Canton of Capendu, a small 8 hectare estate, within the commune of Douzens.  Wine from Corbières is widely varied.  This is due in part to the sheer number of permitted varietals, but more so because of the variety of terroir.  This week we’ll put our hands on a red and a much rarer white that will reward your thirst for adventure.

Domaine Faillenc Sainte Marie’s “Pas des Louves” Corbieres Blanc is a dry, herbal, mineral influenced white blend that’s as cool as it is good!






Domaine Faillenc Sainte Marie’s Corbieres Rouge is wild berries, rustic gamines, and huge character crammed in a bottle.  Syrah, Grenache, and Cinsault wrapped in a leather jerky jacket carrying a battle axe for those of us who respond better to visual imagery.  Cheers!





See you Friday!

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  1. Oh, I’m excited to try the red! We’ll be out at the Roost and Belted Goat tonight for sure!