Wine of the Week [March 24 – 30]

Greetings fellow wine enthusiasts!  Regardless of the degree to which you identify with the term, whether you like to enjoy a glass every now and then, or like me, have a handmade papier-mâché statue of Dionysus to which you present daily offerings of fruits and breads, we here at The Goat would like to foster your love for the drink by offering two wines per week that we will showcase here in the blog, and have available for tasting on Fridays.

This week we turn to the country most planted to the vine for inspiration.  Spain has more land dedicated to wine production that any other nation in the world.  However, for a number of reasons (low yields, arid climate, vine spacing, etc.) it is only the 3 largest producer of wine.  The largest being France.  For those of us who are not too particular about consuming wine made from a specific grape varietal or place, and are focused more on wine that just tastes good and doesn’t require the sale of any organs or limbs on the black market to finance, Spain is a great place to look.  Red, white, sparkling, rose and fortified wines from Rioja, Rias Baixas, Cava, Valdepenas, Jerez, etc. are all deservedly becoming increasingly sought after, as the quality of long under-performing Spanish wine has increased without the resultant increase in price.

Egeo, Rueda, Spain, 2011 $13.00 btl

This clean, crisp, white is great if you’re looking to have a go at an alternative to Pinot Grigio and the like. Verdejo makes wine similar in structure to Pinot Gris with pronounced florality, loads of tropical citrus, and a stony mineral backbone, making this a great pairing with salads, lightly prepared seafood and tapas.

Bovale, Utiel-Requena Old Vines Bobal, Spain, 2011 $14.00 btl

Bobal itself is packed full of the compound anthocyanin (imparts red color) and resveratrol (health benefits). So much so, that in addition to being harvested for wine, various health and natural food products are also made from the fruit. This take on Bobal is characteristically intense in color and character, full of ripe red cassis, lips smacking fruit tannin, and oak influenced spice. Such a red will greatly compliment a number of classic tapas, along with the quintessential Spanish dish, Paella.

See you Friday!