Why I love my job…

To start with, The Fearrington House Restaurant team has an amazing dynamic. Without that kind of camaraderie and support, it’s quite hard to make things happen properly in a fine-dining environment. There is also great work-life balance. Over the years, the experiences that I’ve gained while working the floor helped me in achieving my Advanced Sommelier certification.

Aside from that, it’s fun to have access to a lot of wines that I would normally not be able to experience and share with our guests. There is always something new, something cool, something amazing that comes in our wine room –- from prestige cuvée Champagnes, to South African gems from Swartland, to VORS Palo Cortado Sherries with histories spanning more than a century. There is absolutely nothing boring about what I do because there is always something new to learn and experience, and that’s the beauty of it all!

– Paula, The Fearrington Wine Team

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Paula. We are coming to the Inn for our first time on Thanksgiving. Son, Andrew from DC, is planning to join us. Winston (Havenese) hopes we’ll bring home some Turkey. See you then?
    Jerry Feldman
    Sweet ice tea drinkers …