What’s that Wonderful Aroma?

An aromatherapy massage combines the benefits of massage therapy with the use of essential oils. They can have many different effects on the mind, body and spirit, and make an aromatherapy massage an uplifting experience.

Essential oils are an aromatic essence distilled from a single botanical source and are renowned for their sedative, stimulating and analgesic properties. They have many different therapeutic uses. The benefits of an aromatherapy massage affect the body as a whole and it particularly influences the activity of the following areas of the body: musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and respiratory systems.

An aromatherapy massage can provided symptomatic relief to a variety of problems. Stress for example, can cause and exacerbate many chronic problems including digestive problems, migraines, hypertension, back ache and muscle tension. An aromatherapy massage can be an effective way of inducing relaxation, combating stress and ensuring continuation of good health.When the oil enters the skin, it promotes relief of muscle pain, arthritis, cramping and digestive issues, while benefits from inhaling oil benefit us on a more emotional level, easing the body, mind and spirit.

We are pleased to introduce the newest Aromatherapy Massage here at The Fearrington Spa.  We use an Organic Signature Massage Oil Blend of fractionated Virgin Fiji Coconut Oil, Rice bran Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil and Green Tea Extract from Absolutely Natural.

We offer four different fragrances of Sandalwood, Basil and Sage, French Lavender, Ruby Grapefruit and Peppermint.

A grounding aroma is created with the Sandalwood, Basil and Sage is an earthy inspired scent that helps to relax the nervous system and psyche.

The French Lavender aroma will help to promote relaxation and balance to your life. This is the most relaxing and calming of all the aromas.

The Ruby Grapefruit is a bright, crisp and refreshing fragrance that will help to energize you through the holiday season.

The Peppermint fragrance is a cooling sensation that helps to awaken your senses. It can be used to ease stress, exhaustion and irritability.

The Spa at Fearrington now offers 60 minute and 90 minute Aromatherapy massages. Take some much needed time for yourself and come escape with a massage today.