Tommy and a Friend at the Roost

This time of year, Roost is a delightful place to spend an easy summer evening.  It’s always a treat to hear Bluegrass superstar Tommy Edwards play there, and he always draws a big crowd of adoring fans.

When he played in early June, we had an unexpected surprise visit from Tommy’s friend, author Clyde Edgerton.  Clyde was driving by, saw Tommy playing on the front porch and asked his wife to stop the car.  Clyde jumped out, ran over and joined in with Tommy for a song or two, then jumped back in the car and went on his way.  What fun!  Two icons of Southern culture coming together for a quick and unplanned performance for a bunch of very lucky folks – you can’t beat that on a warm summer night!

Tommy will be performing at Roost again this Thursday, June 29.  Come on out.  There’s no telling who might turn up!