Meet Tom & Debbie

Tom & Debbie Liebtag have been Fearrington residents since 2014. We asked them what they loved most about living at Fearrington – here’s what they shared about their experience.

What persuaded you to move to Fearrington?
We had lived in Chapel Hill for about 10 years and very much enjoyed the community. Our kids were grown so we didn’t need the big house anymore, we wanted lower maintenance, a lower cost of living, and we wanted to become part of the Fearrington community which offers so many opportunities and activities. We held a lovely wedding at The Fearrington House which helped us start to feel attached and welcome.

What about the Camden Park neighborhood appealed to you when deciding between Fearrington’s neighborhoods?
We love the Camden Park sidewalks and parks because we see friends and neighbors walking by every day. It’s a perfect opportunity to meet new people and connect with the neighborhood. We feel like we live in a small town where everyone greets each other, looks out for one another and even knows their neighbor’s pets.

What do you love most about Fearrington?
We enjoy the sense that we belong. It’s not just another place to live, it’s a real community. Many of the residents are fascinating people who have been places and done things, and they are always happy to share their experiences. It is the easiest place to make friends that we’ve ever lived. And we always see familiar faces when we visit The Granary or The Roost in the evening.

What is one of your fond memories of living at Fearrington?
We loved seeing all the families with their young children at last year’s Halloween festival on the village green. Everyone was smiling, safe and friendly. A truly gracious event.

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