Thoughts on Wedding Photography

I have always loved good photography, especially wedding photography.

When brides ask me about photography and photographers I find myself having lots to say…maybe more than they asked for!  Photography has such a big impact on the wedding day and will carry far into your future as the lasting record of your day’s details.  I firmly believe your photography decision deserves extra care in selection and planning and may be the place that you may want to stretch your budget a bit.

It is obviously important that you like a photographer’s style and that they fit into your budget, but don’t stop there.  I also think that it is critical that the photographer has a good sense of time management because that has great bearing on your guests’ experience, not to mention your own enjoyment of your day.  Perhaps most important though, is that the couple truly connects with the person on the other side of the camera.  After all, you will spend a great deal of your big day, including some very special personal moments, with that person.  If you feel comfortable and enjoy your photographer’s company, it shows in all of the photos.

In terms of Fearrington weddings in particular, it is also very helpful that the photographer has worked here before.  If they are familiar with the grounds and all of our special hideaways and know the lighting in different areas throughout the day, you are sure to get better photos.  Our property is just too beautiful not to get the best of it in your photos!

– Gilda