The Comfort of Neighbors

Eight months out of the year, I can’t see my neighbor’s house from my kitchen window.  But from late November when the leaves drop, until late March when Spring growth explodes, my neighbor’s house is visible through the trees.  As I was putting away my coffee mug this morning, it dawned on me that no matter what time of year it is, I know my neighbors are there.  Not in an invasive sort of way, but  more as a  comfort – to borrow a lime, to keep a spare key, or just to wave at in passing.  For me this is one of the things Fearrington such a special community – knowing your neighbors are there but not feeling like they are looking out their windows at you.

– Laura, Real Estate Manager

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  1. It all sounds wonderful, but being from Wisconsin, I am wondering what the weather is like there. Could I get a thumbnail sketch of a year in Fearrington, temperatures, seasonal changes, rainfall, sunshine, etc. Thank you.