Stocking Stuffers

Not buying books saddens me, but McIntyre’s has so many stocking stuffers that I must share them. This also gives me the opportunity to quote the great Mitch Hedberg: “A severed human foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.” Limbs are not our business, but the following items are:

From hedgehog lip balm to owl kitchen timers to shark speakers, we’ve got gifts perfect for your friends that may love animals too much. A dragon keychain light will make you the envy of fantasy fans everywhere. How lovely that these animals coexist peacefully in our store!


Whether cooking in your kitchen or lounging on your back porch, the luchador bottle opener will let no bottle cap stand between you and refreshment. Don’t be jealous of his muscles! Other kitchen related gifts pictured: a miniature pepper grinder perfect for the small-handed, a rabbit-in-a-top-hat mug for amateur magicians, and a three piece wine set.


Though not often solitary creatures, readers and writers needs gifts and positive reinforcement too! They can emulate their favorite authors while wearing replica moustaches. Pocket-sized notebooks and pirate pencil sharpeners let them write anywhere. Mystery readers can keep their pages with sprout bookmarks and shield themselves from chilling stories with caution tape scarves.

While books don’t fit too well in stockings, please don’t forget to read often.

– McIntyre’s Crew