Special Guest at The Folk Art Show

Fearrington’s 12th Annual Folk Art Show was another huge success, an all-around delightful weekend.  You never know what sort of big surprises are in store at the Folk Art Show and this year did not disappoint!

Mid-Sunday afternoon, André Leon Talley, former American editor-at-large of Vogue magazine, strolled in, all 6’6” of him!  He is an amazing figure, in stature, accomplishment and good cheer, so he did not go unnoticed…and then he disappeared in our Barn!

Mr. Talley spotted the beautiful paintings done by Theresa Gloster and was completely absorbed.  He sat in her booth quietly for 45 minutes, transfixed by Theresa’s memory paintings.  She was as delightful as he, and they spoke of their common fond memories of growing up in NC.  He said her paintings “spoke to him,” so he now has a lovely addition to his private collection in NYC.

It was a thrill to meet Mr. Talley, and I could tell that he was equally honored to meet Theresa Gloster…both luminaries in their fields!

Can’t wait to see what happens next year…