South African Winemakers Visit Fearrington

On September 18th, South African winemakers Eben Sadie and Adi Badenhorst will visit us for a four-course dinner at the Garden Terrace. Not only are these two winemakers distinguished, and altering the state of wine in South Africa, they also love what they do — and you can tell once you sip a glass of their wine.

I was lucky enough to spend a day with Adi last year. He is an amazingly passionate guy, a passion that is infectious, and that passion shows in his wines.

Eben Sadie

Eben’s wines are very similar, and yet totally different, they have aromotics which lead you in one direction, and then on the palate you are taken to a different dimension. Eben has brought international recognition to this region of South Africa through one of its first Cult wines. His two most famous wines the Palladius and the Columella are have garnered some of the highest praises from almost every wine publication, his other wines are nothing short of stunning.

Both producers create meditative wines — serious wines, but yet easy to drink. Before you know it the whole bottle is gone!

Adi Badenhorst

Both Adi and Eben are the leaders of what is called the Swartland Revolution, a group of young winemakers taking over old-vine vineyards that had been left behind after South Africa’s wine co-op lost some of its control of the industry.  In some cases winemakers are sourcing grapes from eighty to a hundred year old vines, producing small yields of intense flavor and high quality.

This dinner will be an education in the future of South African wine, and in the excitement of living life passionately. We hope to see you there!

– Maximilian Kast