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Chatham Magazine’s “Best of Chatham: The Changing of the Chef”
September 13, 2022
chef paul gagne in front of the fearrington house restaurant

“This year marks two major milestones for Fearrington Village, the quaint residential community ln northeastern Chatham County surrounded by fields dotted with Belted Galloway cows. The Fearrington House Restaunnt celebrates its 40th anniversary thjs fall and welcomes a new cxecutive chef, Paul F. Gagne who succeeded Colin Bedford in May. Colin spent 16 years at Fearrington and built a rare reputation for collaboration among his whole team.

Paul, who worked dosely with Colin as his sous-chef for the past five years, confidently steps into his new role. As for the rest of the team, Fahrad Matthews moves into the role of sous-chef; Jose Rios takes the junior sous spot, and Olivia Walsh is in the pastry sous position. Other staff members indude Chad Hardin, who leads The Belted Goat’s casual dining for breakfast and lunch, and John Tate, who is in charge of the event menus.”

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