Paul Sussman Trilogy

The suspense is finally over! You’ve been waiting for a recommendation and here is it:

The first is an author, Paul Sussman, and ALL his books but especially his trilogy, The Lost Army of Cambyses, The Last Secret of the Temple, and The Labyrinth of Osiris, featuring Yusuf Khalifa, a detective in Luxor, Egypt. Each book begins with some historical event deep in Egypt’s past that the sands of time cover up until now. As an amateur Egyptologist as well as a detective it’s up to Yusuf to solve the seemingly innocuous crimes that begin to swirl around these ancient events before they blow up into international incidents. I call these “Smart man Dan Brown novels” when describing them to people because anyone who likes that type of historical thriller will love these. The quality of everything is so much better; from the characters who are fully drawn, to the plot that is fast paced without ever getting frenetic, to the Middle Eastern setting that adds so much ambiance to the stories. I do have to add one caveat though. These are big books. Each one is close to 550 pages which seems to contradict what I said earlier, except I read these before my disillusionment with the glut of monstrously large novels that seem to be coming out this upcoming summer and fall actually set in. I even read each of these one right after the other over the holiday season, something I rarely do with an author, and I enjoyed every single page.