Our Wine Mission

Our goal for wine here at The Goat is to provide high quality, small production and affordable wine that is among the most delicious you can find in the state. We constantly work to achieve this goal by tasting an incredible amount of wine every week, weeding out the eh, the blah, and the so-so, settling only for what we ourselves would both buy for ourselves and happily serve to our guests.

Working with small producers, however, presents a unique set of challenges. Sometimes we might only be able to get our hands on one case of a specific bottle (i.e. Domaine Comte Abbatucci’s amazing Cuvée Faustine!). While other times, once something becomes popular the price increase will bump it outside of its original value. That being said, we are of the firm belief that there is an abundance of delicious wine in the world and we’ll come across another bottle that might be even better!

If there is by chance a bottle of wine or beer that you find you like, or that you’ve had at a restaurant and are anxious to bring home, The Goat can help make that dream come true!  Due in part to Fearrington’s standing and various connections we have with people in the industry, we can generally bring in anything that you’ve tasted both here in the state and abroad. If you have a request, we’ll track down what we can get for you and have it ready to pick up once it arrives!  The Goat is your one stop for your wine, beer, and cider needs!

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  1. If I want to buy a specific wine, or type of wine how exactly do I get in touch with Xavyer Burroughs

    • Hi Jeremy — feel free to email Xavyer or stop by The Goat! Hope this helps!