Next Up Chris Pavone

As I was chatting with Zach Wagman, the editor for both of Chris Pavone’s books The Expats and The Accident, over an event dinner we got on the topic of Chris Pavone and he wanted to know which I liked better. He leaned towards The Expats while I preferred The Accident. While I enjoyed The Expats I found the story a bit convoluted with a couple of holes that left me with questions which were cleared up in The Accident. Now I want to re-read The Expats with a fresh eye. But that’s not why I preferred The Accident. I liked the tautness of the story, how it takes place over the course of day around the world as word of a manuscript that threatens to blow the lid off the intelligence community trickles into the publishing world and everyone who has come in contact with it becomes a target. Fast paced, and ruthless in its plotting, this is one book that is extremely hard to part down. Thanks, Zach! Keep up the good work bringing such good books to us readers.

– Pete, Mystery Guru