New Cheese Service

Over the years we have tried many different ways to serve beautiful local, national and international farm house cheeses to our guests. This time I feel is our best yet! We now offer a Cheese Menu for our diners to choose from, along with a table presentation of the nine cheeses we carry (just to help the decision with a visual aid). On the menu we have two choices of each type of cheese, from blue to goat to bloomed rind, from which you can pick up to four. The cheese is then brought back to the pastry cooks, who cut and plate it up with its individual garnish that pairs perfectly with each style. We also send our well known Carrot, Apricot and Cumin Chutney out along with Soda Bread Croutes and Digestive Cookie ( traditionally eaten with firm cheeses like cheddar in England). Please come try it out as an extra course before or after dessert, or just instead!

– Executive Sous Chef Tom Whitaker