My Favorite Place in Fearrington

Roost is my favorite place in all of Fearrington Village. It really and truly is. You can enjoy an amazing dinner at the “perfect for special occasions” Fearrington House or delicious casual “comfort food any time” at The Granary. You can stroll the beautiful gardens, stop by the farmer’s market on Tuesday afternoons or swing through the Goat for ice cream on a hot summer day to name but a few options.

But, best of all (and you can check with my husband and children on this, they will agree) is an evening spent at a picnic table at Roost listening to good music, drinking a beer (my current favorite is the Fullsteam IPA), and chowing down on Capps APizza’s pepperoni wood-fired pizza. My son insists on pepperoni. Every. Single. Week. I’m a big fan of the Fig & Pig myself. While my kiddos play hide and seek behind the big oak tree or chase each other around the fountain, my husband and I just sit back and enjoy the music.

I was already feeling lucky to have this beer garden right here in my neighborhood when something special happened this weekend. As if having Tommy Edwards, musician and singer-songwriter extraordinaire, playing on the front porch wasn’t enough, he invited his good friend Andrew Marlin of Mandolin Orange to come out and play. And a little while later, Emily Frantz, Mandolin Orange’s other half, dropped by to sit in on a few songs. Tommy, Andrew and Emily. Together. On our front porch. Did I mention how much I love Roost? You just never know what kind of magic can happen on a balmy summer evening at the beer garden.

– Kerstin