Meet Rashaad Davis

Writing about Rashaad Davis is like looking back on a kind of Fearrington Village family tree. Rashaad and I came to Fearrington at about the same time; we both started out at what was then the Market Café (now the Granary Restaurant).  We were barely more than children and that was 20 years ago.

Hard to imagine he has been here that long, but Rashaad, like many of us here, has family history at this place. As a child he would visit the Village with his uncle, then the head chef at the Market Café. A few co-workers remembered Rashaad when he first started here. Paige Greene said that he would “help out” in the kitchen or sometimes over at McIntyre’s Books – he has always been a voracious reader – in exchange for all the ice cream he could eat. Gilda McDaniel met him when he was just tall enough to look over the edge of the ice cream cooler, with those beautiful hazel eyes, bright smile, and excellent manners.

Rashaad became an official Fearrington employee when he started off as a bus boy at the Market Café. Not long after, he made the move to the Inn and these many years later he is one of our most experienced front desk agents.

When guests arrive at Fearrington, he is there to greet them, settle them in, and to make sure they have a great visit. He is a master at helping guests, residents, and folks who are visiting Fearrington for the day feel welcome. He fields all sorts of calls, questions, and requests. One minute he might be helping with a reservation at the Granary, the next he might be explaining the history of our Belted Galloway cows to a curious visitor.  He truly does a little bit of everything around here, and he is one of the most polite, funny, helpful people you’ll ever meet.

Rashaad, Happy Birthday – and Happy 20th Anniversary working together. I tip my hat to you, my friend. Ice cream’s on us!

– Kerstin