Meet Ken Henderson

This is Ken. He may look like a mild-mannered man about town, but he is, in fact, a super hero. He is one of the guys who holds the Village together. And I’m not talking in the figurative sense here. I’m talking about a real tube of glue, hammer, or whatever tool it takes to keep this place running. Ken has been with Fearrington for 22 years now (he must have been a wee babe when he started working here). He started in construction, and after years of making certain all the final details in each new home were taken care of, he came to the Village Center as our “Chief Maintenance Man Extraordinaire” where he continues to troubleshoot everything from a broken oven in one of the restaurant kitchens to the complete renovation of our inn rooms over the last few months.

There are a whole lot of folks at Fearrington who work very hard to make certain that our guests have a great experience when they come to visit, and many of them also work behind the scenes, but for today on the occasion of his “29th” birthday, let’s celebrate Ken. Let us pay homage to the best handyman, squirrel-wrangler, staff vehicle fixer, occasional IT consultant, and fixer of all things we could ask for. Happy birthday Mr. Henderson! Thank you for holding this place together.

– Kerstin

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  1. Awesome for having someone like him on staff. What a great example for kids today that hard work, commitment and Jack of All Trades is still something to be proud of and actually highly in demand.
    Job Well Done for many years. Keep up the good work.
    Annie Acton (P.S. I’m Mary Stevens sister!!)