Meet Gilda McDaniel

This is my dear friend Gilda McDaniel. Today is her 25th anniversary here at Fearrington. That’s a long time, especially in the hospitality business. I shall now proceed to thoroughly embarrass her (she really doesn’t like it when we brag on her – sorry Gilda). She is a true mensch – someone that we can all count on as a friend; someone who is always there to help when you are in a pickle. She is the coworker who jumps in and helps you move 200 ceremony chairs just as the rainstorm starts. She is the friend who always remembers your birthday (and also your kids’ birthdays) and drops by your desk leaving the most perfect thoughtful little gift that you will treasure. She is a lover of all things orange. She has the most fantastic sense of style. In a nutshell, I want to be Gilda when I grow up.

Gilda started out as a gardener and then worked in McIntyre’s Books when it first opened. I think she might have just stayed there (Gilda is also a book lover of the highest order) had it not been for Mr. Fitch’s suggestion that she might enjoy managing what’s now The Fearrington Granary. Gilda thought that sounded like an interesting job, so off she went.  Those of us who were lucky enough to work with her then will tell you that it was the most fun you can possibly have while serving 350 people Sunday brunch.

Gilda went on to become our Special Events Manager, planning weddings and guiding our brides and their families though all the details that make a wedding at Fearrington so special. These days Gilda manages all sorts of events at Fearrington including the Folk Art Show and all sorts of community events.  And she also plans fantastic weddings.  Happy anniversary Gilda!  So glad I work with you.

– Kerstin

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  1. It’s all true! Happy Anniversary, Gilda! Cheers!

  2. Gilda was an absolute pleasure to work with when I got married in 2009. She made the day so easy and stress-free for all of us and every detail was just perfect. I can only imagine how many wonderful memories she has helped create. Happy anniversary, Gilda!

  3. How true! I loved working with Gilda and I loved her calm reassuring presence at our wedding. An amazing woman.

  4. Happy Anniversary Gilda!!! it’s ALL TRUE!

  5. Gilda is amazing…….I have seen her deal with every possible situation she has been presented with-all with grace and composure. She is one of the reasons Fearrington is what it is today….I am a former bride and colleague who has the utmost respect for what Gilda does each and every day. Thank You.

  6. Congrats Gilda! Nice article to honor your time at Fearrington.