Meet Maury & Ann

Maury & Ann Henkels have been Fearrington residents since 2009. We asked them what they loved most about living at Fearrington – here’s what they shared about their experience.

What persuaded you to move to Fearrington?
We lived in rural Orange County and had always hoped that we would some day live in Fearrington. It was a frequent day trip for lunch and garden ideas. When the Camden Park area was beginning to be developed, any doubt that we might have had disappeared. We had been frequent visitors to Charleston and I had lived in Savannah, so the area felt like home.

What about Camden Park appealed to you when deciding between Fearrington’s neighborhoods?
When the time came, we knew that we needed a single floor and we hoped for a screened porch. And there was “the” house! Perfect for us; with the added bonus of an established fenced garden. Nathalie was our local go to person and provided invaluable help and information.

What do you love most about Fearrington?
I like being able to walk my dog (and myself) on lighted safe streets. I came from a rural area where ‘going around the block’ was three miles, no sidewalks, no street lights, but a dozen or so farm dogs trailing along – not mine, just my entourage.

If you could share one fond memory of Fearrington with someone, what would it be?
What makes Fearrington wonderful is the neighbors. They came over immediately and invited us into their homes as if we had always been friends. And now we always will be.

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