Knit Blitz!

Some days are just perfect. Beautiful weather. Birds singing. Bright blue skies. Who could pass up the chance for a walk along the Creekwood trails on a day like this? I lace up my sneakers, step out my back door, and set out for a walk through the woods. But wait! What’s this? Sweet little birds hanging from a branch. No, not one of the robins or cardinals that seem to be everywhere this morning, but little crocheted tweets in a rainbow of colors. A few more steps down the trail and there is a tree trunk wrapped in a delicate lace diamond pattern, as though all dressed up for a special occasion. Have woodland nymphs set out a Spring surprise? Are the robins making especially elaborate nests this year?
Even better than a flock of robins, a team of Fearrington residents (maybe artists is a better description?) have created a Knit Blitz along our trails! To quote the FHA website, ‘A Knit Blitz (a.k.a. “knit bombing” and “knit graffiti”) is taking the domestic art of knitting to the outside world by covering objects in knitted garments. From Paris to Prague to Philadelphia — trees, statues, fences, lamp posts, benches and even tanks and buses have been covered with creative and colorful creations.’  So get out and go for a walk. Fearrington’s own Knit Blitz will be on display through the Spring and Summer.

See more pictures here!

Click here for a printable map

– Kerstin