Meet Jon & Rosalyn

Jon & Rosalyn Darling have been Fearrington residents since 2010. We asked them what they loved most about living at Fearrington – here’s what they shared about their experience.

What persuaded you to move to Fearrington?
I first saw it in a book called, “The 100 Best Places to Retire in the United States.” We were attracted to the Chapel Hill area because of the college town atmosphere (we were both college professors) and the climate (no more endless snow shoveling). We were a little concerned about our choice, because we didn’t really know anyone here, but it turned out to be a great decision – we love the music, theater, restaurants, and other opportunities in the area, and we’ve made lots of friends. We also wanted to be closer to our children in Georgia but didn’t want to go that far south.

What about the Millcroft neighborhood appealed to you when deciding between Fearrington’s neighborhoods?
We wanted to design our own home and chose this lot because it offered the privacy of woods in the back and close neighbors in the front — and an affordable price.

What do you love most about Fearrington?
This is truly a community! We’ve been involved in various projects, including organizing Porch Fearrington and serving on the FHA board. In both my involvement with Porch and Chatham Voices for Justice, which I co-founded, I discovered that getting volunteers here is easy; so many people are committed to serving the Village and their less fortunate neighbors in the surrounding county. There are also lots of opportunities to get involved in enjoyable activities like book clubs and informal discussion groups. And our social life has been amazing!

What is one of your fond memories of living at Fearrington?
It’s hard to come up with just one!

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