Meet John & Rebecca

John & Rebecca Kirkland have been Fearrington residents since 2015. We asked them what they loved most about living at Fearrington – here’s what they shared about their experience.

What surprised you most about the building process at Fitch Creations, Inc.?
We were most surprised at the rapid pace — from clearing the land to completing the house. Equally, we were surprised at how well all the builders interacted and worked as a team. Many had been working together for years. Also we appreciated that they were so personable and didn’t mind talking to us, the clients. John Farrell was extremely thorough in dealing with our questions. For first time home builders, like ourselves, the process was almost too easy to believe!

What was the hardest decision to make when building?
The hardest decision apart from selecting which lot to construct the house upon and how to preserve the 10-ton rock on the house-site, was the decision about whether to go with solar energy. Also since we enjoyed our informative discussions with Paige so much, another tough issue was making decisions when Paige referred us to merchants to choose specific house components when she was unavailable, which was very infrequently.

What was the easiest decision to make when building?
The easiest decisions were how the house should be sited on the lot, that the garage door for cars would not face the street side (west side) of the house but face the north side, and essentially any decisions we had to make which included Brian or Paige and her examples of different options in the many discussions and selection processes.

What is your favorite room in the house?
John selected the kitchen because it is our gathering place for conversations, where we prepare and eat meals. It is light and pleasant, especially with the solar tubes and large windows.

Rebecca likes the bedroom because it has a sitting area which is warm and bright in the mornings when they work there; the bathroom also has the solar tubes and heated tile floor!

Describe your home building experience with Fitch Creations Team in one sentence.
From the start with the Real Estate team to the finish team and pouring of the driveway, the process was organized, well planned and executed by expert home builders with a vast knowledge of the best vendors and places to do business, as well as alternatives. In summary, everything fit together and all the folks worked together like parts of a well oiled machine

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