Meet James & Sue

James & Sue Aiken have been Fearrington residents since 2015. We asked them what they loved most about living at Fearrington – here’s what they shared about their experience.

What surprised you most about the building process at Fitch Creations, Inc.?
The best surprise was how willing, even eager, the Fitch Creations Team was to build an original house based on our own floor plan design. I don’t think we ever heard the words, “We can’t do that.”

What was the hardest decision to make when building? What was the easiest?
The hardest decision was right in the beginning; whether to buy an existing home at Fearrington Village or to build a new one customized for us. The easiest decision? Well, there were a lot of easy ones, but one we remember as both easy and wise was to follow the Fitch Creations team’s suggestion to have a spacious shower in the master bathroom instead of trying to squeeze in both a tub and a separate small shower.

What is your favorite room in your home and why?
Our favorite room is the living room; the 12-foot ceiling with high windows, fireplace and custom cabinets all came together nicely for comfort, warmth, entertaining and for displaying art.

If you had to describe your home building experience with the Fitch Creations team in one sentence, what would it be?
From starting the project to completion, and even afterwards, the Fitch Creations Team has been attentive to all our requests and questions. We always felt our project was their top priority.

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