Introducing Pro-Intense Lift Effect Facial

The Spa at Fearrington introduces our newest facial and product line. The Pro-Intense Lift Effect Facial is designed to shape, lift, firm and significantly reduce facial contour sagging. As we get older, your cheeks, chin and jaw area can begin to sag.  Sagging is often caused by tiredness and the onset of menopause as the skin rapidly loses proteins and calcium – the building blocks of the skin that keep cells full and round. Often in life, when you feel physically tired and sluggish you reach for a bottle of vitamins to revive your body or head to the gym to re-energize and tone-up. When you haven’t been to the gym for a while your body muscles relax and lose their firmness. The skin on your face is the same; skin cells need stimulation and exercise through facial massage (whether in a salon or at home) to get it back into shape.

After three years in development, Elemis introduces Pro-Intense Lift Effect Super System designed to re-energize and protect the skin cells at the epidermal junction to reveal a more lifted, firmer and shaped facial contours. Skin cells become sluggish with less energy as we age. Without younger, robust cells, the skin’s structure becomes weak and flattened. The Pro-Intense Lift Effect System stimulates the skin’s biological energy cycle to help improve skin function, for a visible lift effect and long-term anti-ageing results.

For best results,  book a series of five facials and enjoy the sixth complimentary. Continuing with home care is critical to successful results. Come visit the Spa at Fearrington to learn more about this innovative facial and home care product line that will help target the jaw, cheeks, chin and neck line.