A Massage Just for Desk Workers

We realize that many people have computer or desk related jobs these days. Did you know that this can take a toll on your body? Anyone out there with neck aches? Rounded shoulders? Pain in your wrists and forearms? Yeah, I thought so. You can have the best ergonomic workstation in the world, but our bodies need care to compensate for endless hours in a chair. Our bodies are not designed to sit for long periods of time. Our massage therapists at The Spa at Fearrington have designed a massage that is just right for you. We would like to introduce The Fearrington Computer Relief Massage. You can begin your road to a better outlook with a 30, 60 or 90 minute massage. Request an appointment online here or call 919.542.2121!

The most important thing is to be proactive about pain. Knowledge is the first step. If you understand what is occurring in your body, you will be able to change the bad habits and begin a new regiment. Movement is the key element of prevention. Exercise and massage on a consistent basis helps to prevent further issues.

Massage with an eye towards specific work in these problems areas can go a long way towards longevity in this field. Massage lowers blood pressure, enhances alertness, increases speed and accuracy on math computations, and lowers anxiety. So not only are you improving your work output, you’re also improving your health and, in the long run, working towards longevity in your career. We spend an average of 9 hours a day sitting. Since we’re supposed to be awake for 16 hours, this means that well over half our day is spent doing little or no physical effort. For many, not much of the other 7 hours are spent doing much physical activity, either.

What You Can Do
Did you know that when we sit, the electrical activity in our legs shut off? We burn only one calorie per minute, and our enzymes that break down fat drop by 90 percent. Scheduling and committing to at least one massage a month can keep you sitting without your excess physical stress weighing you down even further. Massage combats the negative side effects of shutting off leg muscle electricity. It will also stimulate those enzymes and help you to relax from your stressful responsibilities.

Did you also know that there is a proper way to sit, so you’re not slouching over your desk or craning your neck to look at the monitor? Your feet should be flat on the floor and a shoulders’ width apart. You need some lumbar support for your lower back. Repetitive motions also can put a lot of pressure on the spine. Your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle on the desk and the neck should create a 90-degree angle with the shoulders. Good posture can depend on how a person’s desk is set up.

It can be hard to treat the long-term effects of sitting with bad posture, so desk workers should do all they can to prevent slouching before back pain becomes a chronic issue. Take a look at your body posture and make corrections. Visit The Spa at Fearrington and our massage therapists will help you begin your road to knowledge regarding your work habits. Take a break and relax with The Fearrington Computer Relief Massage today!