History With A Twist

I’m looking so forward to our event on Friday, June 27th at 2pm with Earl Swift and his book Auto Biography: A Classic Car, An Outlaw Motorhead, and 57 Years of the American Dream. Why am I so excited, you may be asking, well, it’s because this is in my opinion this is the perfect storm of good narrative non-fiction. It’s a perfect slice of Americana as seen through the life of one car and its 12 owners, most notably its last, a large, profane, self-educated entrepreneur out of Moyock, NC. I’m a history buff but I’m done with War narratives. I don’t need to understand flanking maneuvers or other Military arcana. I want books that are different, peopled by characters (think In the Garden of Good and Evil), with a focus that allows me to see a period of time from a perspective new to me (The Floor of Heaven by Howard Blum and all about the Yukon gold rush is a good example). These are now the books that stay in my library and I can’t wait to add a signed copy of Auto Biography to my collection.

– Pete, Mystery Guru