Introducing the Four-Hand Synchronicity Massage

Imagine yourself lying on warmed soft linens, gentle ambient music filling the room and being rhythmically massaged by the four hands of two skilled massage therapists. Enticed yet?

The Spa at Fearrington is excited to announce the addition of our newest indulgence, the “Four-Hand Synchronicity Massage”. In this opulent full body treatment, four hands from two professional massage therapists synchronize in rhythmic strokes of varying intensity to bring about a powerfully relaxing session. Aside from its indulgent qualities, this treatment is therapeutically effective for people with difficulty “letting go” of stress. The brain quickly realizes that it can’t keep up with trying to predict the movements of four hands, so it gives in and succumbs to an unusual level of relaxation.

So, if you can imagine receiving the ultimate blissful experience and unforgettable sensations of well-being, we are now taking appointments. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

– Laura Seymore, Spa at Fearrington Massage Therapist