Flower Girl Fun

Here’s another twist on past brides bringing their children to see where they were married. Such fun!

Elizabeth married Ethan here on June 17, 2006. It was a lovely day.

Camille married Ryan on August 17, 2013.

On this particular August 17th, 5-year-old Hannah, daughter of Elizabeth and Ethan, served as flower girl for Camille. Hannah was not alone! Her mom Elizabeth served as bridesmaid, too.  This was a true family affair as Hannah’s wonderful grandmother was also in attendance to be “babysitter extraordinaire” (although Miss Hannah was so grown up that she certainly did not need a babysitter!).

Hannah was a delightful flower girl and I think she had a bit of extra fun knowing that this was where her parents started out, too.  Maybe 20 years or so from now it will be her turn – who knows?!