Fall Time Beer

After much success with our summer collaboration with Sean Lilly Wilson and Chris Davis of Fullsteam Brewery, last week we released the Fearrington Fall Beer at a release dinner on our Garden Terrace.  We also had the release of the great art work that Win Crannell from Georgia created for the Fullsteam Fearrington Beer series label, an oak tree in each season.  Thanks to Sean at Fullsteam we will be featuring the art work at the entrance of The Fearrington Granary.  Each season as we release the new beers we will have a release party to celebrate the season, the beer and our collaboration!

So, what kind of beer is the Fearrington Fall Beer? It is a Berliner Weisse, which is a traditional ale from Berlin, created in the early 19th century.  At one time there were hundreds of breweries in the city producing this beer, but, with the rise of Communism in the former East Germany, the style was kept alive by only a few producers.  It is gaining popularity quickly in the American craft brewing world.  The Fullsteam Fearrington Berliner Weisse, has a grain base of 50% North Carolina Wheat and 50% Barley, it has the addition of cordials made from crabapples grown behind The Fearrington House Restaurant, and Chatham County Apples.  It is a sour ale, but balanced by the fruit of the cordials.  It is only lightly hopped, coming in at 10 IBUs, and is very sessionable at 3.8% ABV.  Most importantly it is really delicious, and a great food beer (which is the goal for the beer collaboration).

You can enjoy the beer at Fullsteam and Fearrington Village , and few other locations, till this batch is gone.  We will then be moving into our Winter Beer, the test batch is being started today!  It will be a Fearrington Dark Roast Coffee (roasted on property), Pecan, Robust Porter.  It will be the perfect winter warmer. Stay tuned!

– Maximilian Kast