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Gwinn Ward, Rosie: One of a Kind

Gwinn Ward, Rosie: One of a Kind

Event Date:

October 2, 2022

Event Time:

2:00 pm

Rosie the donkey is excited to be at the new farm, but the animals there snub her because they’ve never seen a donkey before. She is super friendly to the cows, but they just don’t know what to make of her. When she tries to eat weeds like the goats, she finds she’s allergic to the seeds. Her legs are too long and skinny to swim like the ducks, and her mouth is too big to peck with the chickens. Will she ever fit in on the farm?

Young children will enjoy making the animal sounds and looking at the playful illustrations.

This book conveys several implicit themes.
Rosie is unsuccessful when she copies what the other animals do, but when she relies on herself, the other animals love and respect her for her own unique talents.
The barnyard animals are a diverse set of creatures who learn to accept another animal who looks different, but that doesn’t matter in the end; Rosie has the same good heart underneath.
Rosie not only succeeds in feeling at home on the farm, but she brings the animals close together in a sweet community of friends.
As explained in the afterward, Rosie is actually a guard donkey trained to protect herds. In addition, donkeys are not just pack animals, but smart, playful, and loving companions to children. Rosie, One of a Kind is based on the farm animals that live in her North Carolina village.

Gwinn Ward has been engaged to illustrate additional children’s books and is writing and illustrating her own historical fiction novel. After college, graduate study and a short stint as a self-employed graphic designer, Gwinn managed and wrote information technology proposals to U.S. government agencies for the bulk of her career. While working, she studied scientific illustration, illustrated calligraphy, and botanical illustration. After retirement she received an A.A. In Fine Arts. In her final year of school she explored her printing via lithograph, etching, and block printing.

Event Schedule Details

  • October 2, 2022
    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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