Dee’s Bouquet

We have a Mac computer in our office that is full of fabulous photos compiled into slideshow.  I enjoy seeing what images pop up as I walk by -– always fun memories!  I particularly love the photo of Dee’s bouquet that our wonderful floral designer, Mary Stevens, did a couple of years ago.  Dee was a sweetheart, getting married the second time and loving every minute of the planning, which of course made it fun for us, too.  Dee told Mary that she especially wanted violets in her bouquet, so naturally Mary wanted her to have them… who could disappoint Dee? Come wedding time, Mother Nature didn’t deliver any violets in our gardens, so, unbeknownst to anyone, Mary had her sister in Delaware ship down a small bunch of violets from her garden. Dee’s bouquet was stunning, Dee was incredibly touched, and everyone had a very special day.  I love it when that photo of Dee’s bouquet pops up!

– Gilda

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  1. I was honored to be Dee’s makeup artist and I so remember the look on Dee’s face when Mary delivered her bouquet..Fearrington and it’s staff will ALWAYS go that extra mile to fulfill a Bride’s dream!

  2. It was my bouquet and those violets meant more than I can say. They were my mother’s favorites and she and my dad have been gone a long time, but having those violets in my bouquet, along with a piece of her jewelry and a piece of my dad’s helped them “be there” for my special day. Mary and Gilda and everyone else make weddings at Fearrington be everyone’s matter what that dream is. thanks to all of them again.