Why We Plant Natives

Our gardens are like ourselves – over time, they (hopefully!) become wiser, deeper, and make an impact upon those who know them. Here in the gardens at Fearrington, our gardeners have worked over the years to create gardens that give pleasure to our guests – with beauty, certainly, but also by feeding and providing shelter for the numerous birds and butterflies they attract.

Camden Park’s Wildflower Meadow

As our knowledge of the ways in which gardens and wildlife depend upon each other increases, we have decreased our use of chemicals in the garden and turned to choosing native plants whenever possible, instead of exotics. Often better adapted to our varying Carolina weather forecasts and heavy clay soil, native plants have the added bonus of playing hosts to a much wider array of caterpillar species, which are essential for feeding hungry baby birds!

Each native tree and shrub, such as oak, pinesassafras and viburnum,  is home to hundreds of juicy, nutritious caterpillars every spring, providing a sort of “one-stop-shopping” for hard-working parent birds!

The biggest reward in choosing to add more natives has been the delight our visitors take in seeing the ever-increasing bird and butterfly populations in our gardens!

– Julian, Fearrington Gardener

Farmhouse Pottery

What comes to mind when you think of a farmhouse? I formerly resided in an old Carolina farmhouse about 30 minutes west of Fearrington Village, nestled on a small tree farm complete with a chicken coop and an abundant vegetable garden. Immediately following my arrival, the quaint country farmhouse instantly felt like home -- inviting, playful, functional, and charming. These words translate well to how I would describe our new pottery collection that has arrived in store. Farmhouse... Full Post >

Ideas for Spring Gifts

Trees have blossomed, bulbs popped out of the ground, and the bunnies have invaded McIntyre’s Books. We are officially ready for spring! If you need ideas for your Easter basket, look no further than our Children’s section. We have plush bunnies in all shapes and sizes, from tiny to giant. Tuck in a copy of my new favorite bunny book, Charlotte the Scientist is Squished by local author Camille Andros and there will be smiles all around. Our tiny rolling construction vehicles are... Full Post >

Ice, Ice, Baby

We know, we know - so cheesy! But when blogging about ice . . . At Dovecote, we love a good artisan cocktail just as much as we love our fashion. And any good cocktail starts with the ice. You don't want it to water down your drink and you don't want it to be full of impurities, but you certainly don't want to do all the work involved either . . . did you catch the blog about ice from The Fearrington House Restaurant's Beverage and Service Director, Paula de Pano? Ice is serious... Full Post >

New Corporate Breaks

A new season means new corporate breaks! Executive Chef Colin Bedford recently updated our Morning and Afternoon Break offerings for corporate retreats at Fearrington. Snack breaks are included in all meeting packages and served alongside our continuous beverage service which includes coffee, hot tea, soda and water. Our new and healthier options are sure to keep your team energized and ready for the productive day ahead. We're excited to share these new options with you - check out the... Full Post >

Relaxation For Mother’s Day

This Mother's Day, give the gift of relaxation at The Spa at Farrington. The perfect gift is easy to find, whether she's a mother-to-be or just in need of a blissful retreat. Check out the details below and call The Spa at 919.545.5723 to book an appointment today! For future Moms: Massage for the Mother-to-Be  60 minutes $120 l 90 minutes $150 This massage is designed to address the individual needs of the pregnant client. While side-lying, special pregnancy pillows are used to ensure... Full Post >