Earth Day

Fast approaching its 50th anniversary, Earth Day, observed on April 22, has become an international holiday, set aside to celebrate and raise awareness of the beauty, diversity and fragility of life on our one and only Planet Earth.

While there are countless ways to mark this important day, perhaps the most enduring tradition is to go out and plant a tree – preferably with the help of the children in your life!

This year, if you plan to participate in this sweet tradition, we would suggest planting one of the several species of trees known to best support many other forms of life. When you plant a native oak, pine, or cherry, you will not only be adding beauty to the landscape, but also food and shelter for birds, insect life, squirrels and deer!

In our gardens, Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) is an easily-spotted native pine, although the lovely and less common Eastern white pine would perhaps make a more garden-worthy specimen. The nuts of both species are nutritious fodder for birds and animals, and their dense branches provide shelter in inclement weather.

For oaks, we have our majestic White oaks (Quercus alba) which grace the entrance to The Fearrington House Restaurant today just as they did long ago when it was a farmhouse. These beautiful trees have supported countless generations of squirrels and are a favorite vantage point for our nesting Red-shoulder hawks!

If your goal is to plant a tree that will endlessly delight birds, there is no better choice than the common Black cherry (Prunus serotina) – though you will probably have better luck digging one from a friend’s yard than finding it in your local nursery! An alternative might be the native Carolina cherry laurel (Prunus caroliniana), which has darker fruit, upright habit, and a beautiful, lustrous green leaf. Our two pruned specimens in the Inn Courtyard are lovely examples of this small tree.

Every tree planted this Earth Day adds enormously to the health and beauty of our planet – a tree that can feed and shelter other creatures adds all that, and more!

– Julian, Fearrington Gardener

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