A Cotton Mill, Denim Fabric & Sustainable Hospitality

The Tar Heel State is very well known in the collective imaginary for its beloved Andy Griffith and the Wright Brothers, not to mention the small rolling farms, tobacco fields and textile industries. Nonetheless, it is a quiet fact that Greensboro houses what is considered the greenest hotel in America.

The Proximity Hotel is the first Platinum LEED certified green hotel in the United States. The building uses 40% less energy and 30% less water than any other hotel its size. The sun’s energy heats 60% of the water utilized by both the hotel and restaurant. Geothermal energy is used for the restaurant’s refrigeration equipment instead of the traditional water-cooled system.  All of it was accomplished without compromising the elegance and sophistication of the business. The hotel is named after The Proximity Cotton Mill, which was once revered as the largest denim manufacturer in the world.

Our Corporate Sales Team had the opportunity to visit The Proximity Hotel on Sunday, February 24th during a travel show hosted by A Way to Go Travel. The event showcased a number of vendors from Central America, the Caribbean, Europe and North America. 

If your travels bring you to The Old North State, keep in mind that the Venus Fly Trap is not the only green North Carolina native.  The Proximity Hotel does not bear resemblance to Boston’s Green Monster, but it will positively influence and alter your definition of “green.”

– Juan, Travel Industry Sales