Add some Pep to your PM Step!

Ever need a mid-afternoon sweet treat to pick you up and get you through the rest of the day?  In all of our meeting rooms at each place setting we use small chocolates to do just that!  Inspired by nature, NewTree offers a variety of products from chocolates to spreads with flavors such as Blackcurrant, Milk Chocolate with Lavender or with Cinnamon to awaken your senses.  Geared towards making delectable and sustainable goods, some of NewTree’s chocolates are now also organic!  It’s... Full Post >

New Cabinet Samples Add to Homeowner Choices

We are really pleased with our newly arrived cabinet door samples! These new styles range from super contemporary to traditional. They hail from Ultracraft, our cabinet manufacturing partner based in nearby Liberty, NC who has been building cabinets for over 25 years. In their Destiny series, they offer 50 different door styles, in ten different materials (from cherry to bamboo to sleek acrylics) and over fifteen stain options (from natural to nutmeg to smoke grey). With so many choices,... Full Post >

A Beltie Surprise on Easter!

Spring is a season full of color and new life, but my favorite Spring surprise is black and white and adorable all over -- a new baby beltie born on Easter! He doesn't have a name quite yet, but that doesn't make his any less special. Fearrington celebrates every new beltie and we cannot wait to watch him frolic around the front pasture. Come by and visit! Full Post >