World’s Largest Flower Auction = Holland

I may have mentioned that I love my job.

Case in point… one day Mr. R.B. Fitch says to me “Have you ever been to Holland?” Nope, I hadn’t. “Well, lets think about that.” Ok!

And so it was planned! I was supposed to go last fall, but not-so-Superstorm Sandy put an end to that. All’s well that ends well, though! With help from Fearrington’s General Manager Theresa, the trip was re-scheduled and I was able to spend five days in Holland at the beginning of July. The weather was perfect (and rather un-Dutch-like, they tell me).

You may be wondering, why would R.B. care about my European adventures? Because of the FLOWERS! Ahhh! (envision raised hands and light streaming in from above)! Holland is like mecca for flower lovers. The Netherlands is host to the largest flower auction in the world (the auction in Aalsmeer is the largest building in the world, covering 10.6 million sq ft; 243 acres). About 20 million flowers from all over the world are traded daily. I had always wanted to see it! And R.B. made it happen! Swoon.

More posts will follow with pictures and stories!

– Mary