Wine of the Week [September 26th – October 2nd]

Greetings fellow wine enthusiasts!  Regardless of the degree to which you identify with the term, whether you like to enjoy a glass every now and then, or, like me, spend way too much time thinking up corny wine jokes (What’s a horse’s favorite grape?…. Chardo-Neighhh!!), we here at The Goat would like to foster your love for the drink by offering wine every week that we will showcase here in the blog, and have available for tasting on Fridays from 6~7 p.m.

Bordeaux.  The very mention of the name conjures images of ornately silvered dinner tables, huge crystal glasses, dandy gentlemen replete with monocles and golden pocket watches, accompanied by impeccably dressed ladies ready to turn their nose up at anything even suggesting modesty.  Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the point.  A number of people still approach Bordeaux with caution.  Often saying, “Whoa I’m not looking for anything fancy…” or “How many of my kidneys do I need to auction off on the black market to afford this?…” at the mere mention of the stuff.  This week we have two bottles, one red and one white, from a single producer, that will show just how approachable and delicious Bordeaux can be.

Bordeaux doesn’t always have to be some larger than life, super expensive bottle of ultra-sophisticated wine you need to be “cultured” to enjoy.  Such is the case with this yellow citrus and slight kiwi fruited, floral, clean drinking, ultra-delicious white Bordeaux, which is just as much at home beside a porch swing as it is on a white tablecloth dinner table.






This bottle is an example of how awesome Cabernet Sauvignon blends can be outside of the New World.  Packed with stewed blackcurrant, soft leather, and vanilla, this will fit just fine next to a dish with roasted beef and vegetables.






See you Friday!!!