Wine of the Week [November 24th – November 30th]

Greetings fellow wine enthusiasts!  Regardless of the degree to which you identify with the term, whether you like to enjoy a glass every now and then, or, like me, baste the holiday bird with the Leacock Family’s Vintage 1870 Sercial Madeira after a 24 hour dry brining, we here at The Goat would like to foster your love for the drink by offering wine every week that we will showcase here in the blog, and have available for tasting on Fridays from 6~7 p.m.

As thrilled as everyone is for the family, food, and fun of Thanksgiving, so too should they be for the wine!  I am of the firm belief that if your kitchen looks like the set for the filming of Armageddon II after you are done preparing dinner an effort similar to that of your own should be reflected in the wine served.  If you don’t feel quite up to growing and vinifying grapes yourself, rest assured that the wine for this week will fit the bill!  Both the red and the white are hand harvested, by law for the Beaujolais Nouveau and by necessity for the Fendant.  All of the hard work put into these wines is not for show as both are incredibly expressive, uniquely delicious, and great with the traditional Thanksgiving spread!

Malo-Lactic fermentation gives the Caves Les Ruinettes Fendant Grand Cru its rich, creamy mouthfeel, lending weight and roundness to this laser focused, flinty, ultra delicious Swiss white!  Dishes with creams, cheeses, or any element of richness with benefit next to a glass of this.  $26/Retail




Domaine Joseph Drouhin’s Beaujolais Nouveau is perfect turkey wine if there ever was any!  Fresh, black cherry bubblegum and raspberry fruited, light, and refreshing!  $18/Retail




See you Friday!!!