What our Somms are Sipping!

Have you ever been a little curious about what the Sommeliers here at Fearrington like to drink once the rigors of a day’s work have passed?  Here are a few bottles that Max, Kevin, and Xavyer have enjoyed recently, all of which can be found and purchased at The Goat!

MAXIMLIAN KAST, Fearrington Wine Director

DR. KONSTANTIN FRANK, Grüner Veltliner, 2011 …I should start this off by mentioning I probably consume about a third of Austria’s Grüner Veltliner production…no, but seriously I’m a huge fan of it!  When I first got a chance to try this I was blown away.  Being a cool climate grape specialist, it only makes sense that Dr. Frank produces this. It is varietally correct with a medium body, grapefruit, lentil and lime, dry, and with great acidity. This is very drinkable, and not even just for those with discerning tastes, for anybody! Austria better watch out!




KEVIN COLLINS, Assistant Sommelier

BONNY DOON VINEYARDS, Le Cigare Blanc, 2012 …It wasn’t obvious. It’s not Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, and I really like the fact that it was something different (Grenache Blanc, Roussanne) you don’t typically find out there in California. It’s really balanced with nice fruit and it’s something that’s going to be versatile for food pairings. Dishes of pork tenderloin, roasted chicken, and even the sweetbreads dish from the winter menu come to mind when I’m thinking about something to eat with this…





XAVYER BURROUGHS, Sommelier & Wine Guru

MATTHIASSON, Ribolla Gialla, 2012 …I recently got a chance to try this at the Renegade American White Wine class that was held at the Granary recently, and without a doubt this made a huge impression on me. Not only was it cool to see Steve Matthiasson, who cut his teeth consulting for some major Napa Cabernet Sauvignon producers, make a traditional style, skin fermented Ribolla Gialla, the wine itself is ridiculously good! Orange marmalade, cheese rind, a little nuttiness on the nose and palate, with beautiful acidity and low alcohol keeping a bunch of pairing options on the table…


– Xavyer, The Goat’s Wine Guru

*Please note that most bottles at The Goat are priced at or under $30 with the exception of a few fine champagnes and special orders.


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