The Many Benefits of Massage

As Winter moves into Spring and growth and renewal is all around us here at Fearrington Village, I thought I’d join with nature by sharing the many health benefits massage can provide.

One of the most observable benefits of massage is a general feeling of relaxation. As a massage therapist, the sound “ahh!” is an earmark sign telling me relaxation has begun. Often times the first “ahh” can be heard when guests lie down on warm soothing massage tables at The Spa at Fearrington, followed by many more “ahhs” throughout treatment as tension melts away.

A few other of the myriad of benefits that massage and body therapy can offer include; reduced pain, improved circulation, boosted immunity, enhanced focus and emotional balance, reduced anxiety and depression, and lowered blood pressure.

It’s a pleasure to offer our guests these and other health benefits through a variety of massage styles and treatments (which I’ll describe in later blogs) in the serene and understatedly elegant setting here at The Spa At Fearrington.

Above all health benefits, nothing beats the fact that massage just feels good! So as we observe Mother Nature’s changes of spring, let it be a reminder that we too can bring balance and equilibrium to our life by rejuvenating our mind, body and spirit through touch and relaxation.

– Laura Seymore, Spa at Fearrington Massage Therapist