Suzi Roher

For over 30 years, Suzi Roher has reigned as the “Queen of Belts” in the fashion industry, drawing the eye to women’s waists all over the world with her extraordinary belts made entirely by hand in her downtown Toronto studio. Suzi’s repertoire now includes stunning Italian scarves – luxuriously soft with the most exquisite coloring. Many of Suzi’s images are digital prints from original artwork – such as this painting of Grace Kelly in Hitchcock’s film Rear Window. In extended form, they are beautiful enough to frame; draped over the body, the pattern and coloration come to life in endless styling possibilities.

Suzi Roher scarves are made by hand from Italian cashmere, silk and modal yarns in Italian artisanal mills. Each scarf undergoes a rare and unique treatment of dyeing and washing that leaves the scarf fabulously airy with exceptionally rich coloration. As opposed to most scarves that are processed using the limited yard colors available, Suzi buys neutral color yarn and dyes it in her own colors, giving them more depth and allowing her to create distinct palettes each season.

We are thrilled to have Suzi Roher scarves and belts in our trove of exciting accessories this Fall!

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– Daneen, Merchandising Manager