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From our bookshelves to yours, here are books that we won’t shut up about at McIntyre’s Books:

The Unwinding by George Packer 

This is modern America in a nutshell. Greed, avarice, and the quashing of the America dream (think Raleigh, NC) as told through the stories of people across the board. It reminded me of great narrative nonfiction like Nickel & Dimed and Fast Food Nation, very readable and though provoking. More

– Pete




Wild by Cheryl Strayed
– KeebeCheryl had a messed up life. She lost her beloved mother and started dabbling in heroin. To get back on track she literally takes the walk of her life, knocking out over 1,100 miles on the Pacific Coast Trail. Delightfully well-written memoir of self discovery. More




Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett
– KatherineBrilliant, brilliant book!!! Here is a book to love: a story about an accident that leads to a transformation; writing that is intelligent, descriptive, funny; rants about writing, the book industry, fears & life in general; Amy, a character you wish you could have as a friend. A perfect balance of literary humor and “dead on” introspection!!! More




The Curiosity by Stephen P. Kiernan
– BrooksThe Curiosity is loaded with compelling science, an intriguing story, and great characters. A man, flash frozen on the Arctic in 1906, is found in the present and revived with a procedure never before used on a human. This living man from the past raises a myriad of important ethical issues–no one is neutral. There is lots of intrigue and even some romance. More




City of Bohane by Kevin Barry
– JaredThis book got me through a cross country flight aboard a plane with ~12,000 babies. It is a story of mobs and crime. It is large scale poetry. It is a story of love and jealousy and nostalgia. I want to visit the city of Bohane – wearing a bulletproof vest of course – even though the place is made up. More





Eat, sleep, read,

– McIntyre’s Crew

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  1. How can a plane have -12,000 babies? I must try this book.

    Appreciating the oxford comma between “eat,” “sleep,” and “read,”