Special Extras

Special Extras
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Enjoy a fruit and cheese plate $26 or a cheese plate $28 as a delicious treat

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Whether the special occasion is a birthday, anniversary or just a romantic get away you’d like to savor, enhance your experience at The Fearrington House Inn, Restaurant and Spa by adding these special extras we’re pleased to offer. Many are hand-crafted by our talented staff. These options are as simple as checking a box upon online checkout!

  • Truffles made in the Fearrington House kitchens $16
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries $16
  • House champagne $65
  • Split of house champagne $35
  • Fruit and cheese plate $26
  • Cheese plate $28
  • Flowers ranging from a seasonal bouquet ($50) to a dozen roses ($75), to customized bouquets (prices vary)
  • Custom special occasion cakes made in our kitchens (prices vary)

Finally, the Spa at Fearrington offers a full range of signature spa services that can be experienced solo or together.

Add a special extra when you reserve by phone at 919.542.2121 or check the particular option when reserving online, and we’ll take care of the rest (including bringing it to your room!).