Self Seeding Annuals

If you walk behind the Inn Building you’ll notice a large flowering plant the size of a shrub – an African foxglove – that may seem a bit ‘out of place’ with the formal gardens around it. We’ve kept African foxgloves (Ceratotheca triloba) in cultivation ever since finding them growing in the gravel behind our beer garden Roost (they probably escaped from a container). They are native to South Africa but are not related to foxgloves (Digitalis spp.) Here they behave as self-sowing annuals, germinating during hot weather and blooming late summer to fall. The plant has an odor that some liken to buttered popcorn! Blooming spikes are quite tall (4-5 feet) and will rebloom if carefully deadheaded. Bloom color may vary; last year one plant had pure white blossoms rather than the usual pale pink/mauve.

When truly interesting perennials or self seeding annuals pop up here and there, we keep and spotlight them if they’re not in the way too much, until the floral display is over.