PICKIN’: A Celebration featuring The Bluegrass Experience

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell hypothesizes that the Beatles’ success — at least in part — is thanks to their playing seven nights a week at a German bar during their early months as a band.

No knock on the Beatles, but the Bluegrass Experience has 42 years under their belts. Come out to the barn this Sunday and let Stan Brown’s banjo get your foot tapping. Keith Thomas’ fiddle will have you looking around for a dance partner and shedding any shyness left over from the middle school dancefloor.

With 42 years together, the Bluegrass Experience should have a few stories to share as they jostle shoulders and belt out tunes on stage. Grab a beer, grab a plate of Hilton’s bbq, and enjoy talent distilled and perfected. Above all else, don’t be a Sunday afternoon wallflower!

Come by McIntyre’s Books to get your tickets and learn more about the event here!