Personal Touches

Wedding trends are certainly fun — we all eagerly await the newest issue of Martha, too — but it’s the personal touches that make all the difference to me.  We see so many thoughtful, really meaningful, additions to weddings and those are the details that really stand out in my memory.

Today’s bride’s family has spent hundreds of hours carefully folding these Japanese origami cranes to hang from the ceiling in the Barn halway and to give as favors to guests. I can only imagine the special time they must have enjoyed together in this act of great love – sharing stories of the bride’s childhood, talking of their hopes and dreams of the couple’s future together. What a priceless time for them as a family and what a wonderful gift to share with the guests.

It is said that the symbolic crane, which mates for life, ensures that the couple will have a long and joyful marriage filled with good fortune and prosperity.  I know that this couple will have all of the luck in the world, and that we are most lucky to have had the honor of working with them on their wedding.

– Gilda