Parsnips for Each Course

Why do I like Parsnips? Parsnips are an uncommon vegetable that are normally not well utilized. However, I really like the story behind them. I don’t think there is another vegetable that requires the impact of a season to influence harvesting as much as a parsnip. They are used a lot in England, and remain in the ground until the first frost. The parsnip stays in the ground because after the freeze of the first frost, all the starches turn to sugar.

A very versatile ingredient, parsnips can be used from first course all the way to dessert. You can begin a meal with it —  parsnips are great in soup with apple and pear. Or, end an evening with it, as we did in our  current winter menu with chocolate, caramel, sea salt and candied orange (pictured above).

Second Course Parsnip Dish

However, my favorite dish on the new menu is found in the second course — Golden Syrup Roasted Parsnip with Medjool Date & Pearl Barley. We have highlighted parsnip and built an entire dish around it.With caramel, purée, chip, crumble, served with ginger cake and medjool date, this is not a dish to be missed.

– Executive Chef Colin Bedford

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  1. Great info on parsnips. I roast them and use with medjool dates
    for an escarole salad in winter. They also go in all of my vegetable
    stocks! I often make my German granmother’s potato and parsnip baked
    side dish too. Yum!